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About US Cryogenics

US Cryogenics began in 2001 by Mark Hougan and Dave Owens to fill a void in the repair, installation and maintenance of sophisticated cryogenic systems.  Their combined experience brought over 50 years of service knowledge to help customers with the storage, delivery and use of cryogenic gases and liquids.

The Cryogenics Shop

Our facility is designed with flexibilty in mind.  Our primary focus is on liquid cylinder (dewar) repair and we are proud of our Cylinder Repair Process. 

We have built capacity to pull vacuum on up to 16 dewars at a time, allowing us to focus on high speed turn around so your cylinders are back in operation faster, leading to more revenue as you now have cylinders ready for customer use.  Our cryo-techs are highly trained in diagnosing problems and we guarantee our work is done right the first time.

Complex Cryogenic Systems

  • US Cryogenics got its start solving complex gas distribution problems for large Independent Gas Suppliers. Their team of cryo-techs often lacked the depth of experience necessary to solve specialized Oxygen piping and storage problems. 
  • As more and more businesses put sophisticated plasma cutters and lasers into operation, US Cryogenics grew to meet those complicated needs.  Our field team is extremely well trained in handling piping and distribution problems that crop up during the installation of a new tank and piping to the production bays.