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Field Services

When you need industry leading service for installing and maintaining your high pressure gas systems, you need to call the same company the Major Gas Suppliers call: US Cryogenics.  Our Field Services are the go-to professionals for all the toughest tank installations, piping, and system maintence issues.

Regardless of the size of your project, the US Cryogenics Field Services team is ready to help.  Beginning with the walk-through, we discuss your project scope and budget and recommend the most efficient and effective ways to solve your gas supply needs.

Almost all of our work is done through a Project Contractor.  In most cases, the Project Contractor is the Gas Supplier who will ultimately be responsible for making sure your gas is always on.  Where we work with traditional commercial contractors, we take more of a consultative approach, so that there are never any misunderstandings during the installation phase.

Below are some of the field projects we completed on behalf of our customers.

Project Customer: Bennu Glass - Longview Washington
Project Contractor: Praxair
Project Date: July 2012
Project Scope: Installation of bulk Oxygen tank and piping from the tank to the production bays.

Project Summary: The customer was creating a new production facility.  Praxair provided the tank but did not have a field crew available for installation on the customer's demanding schedule.  Praxair contacted the US Cryogenics field services team to plan and coordinate the installation and piping of the oxygen system.


Project Customer: University of Washington
Project Contractor: Praxair
Project Date: January 2013
Project Scope: Installation of specialty toxic gas chambers and piping for specialized gases used in the nanotechnology lab.

Project Summary: The nanotechnology center uses highly toxic and dangerous substances.  Praxair requested our field service team to investigate the options, purchase and install specialized gas chambers and piping in a clean room environment.

Project Customer: Department of Veteran Affairs - Roseburg, Or VA
Project Contractor: 3D Contracting
Project Date: October 2012
Project Scope: Sale of bulk medical oxygen tank with vaporizers and alarm

Project Summary: 3D Contracting asked several major gas suppliers in the Portland, Oregon area if they had the right tank available for sale and all suggested contacting US Cryogenics.  Our team was able to find the right tank and have it shipped to the job site in under 3 weeks.

Project Customer: Toray Composites - Tacoma Washington
Project Contractor: Praxair
Project Date: December 2012
Project Scope: Installation of specialized vacuum jacketed (VJ) piping and micro-bulk tank

Project Summary: The customer was upgrading their facility and needed qualified assistance with installing VJ piping.  VJ piping needs special attention as it cannot be handled like normal brass, stainless steel, or copper. 

Project Customer: Whidbey Island Naval Station - Oak Harbor Washington
Project Contractor: Performance Systems Inc.
Project Date: August 2012
Project Scope: Sale and Installation of bulk Oxygen tank and piping from the tank to the facility.

Project Summary: The customer was upgrading their medical gas oxygen system and US Cryogenics was sole sourced as the best solution to the problem.  Coordinated the siting and installation of oxygen tank and manifold system.

Project Customer: Pepsi - Corvalis, Oregon
Project Contractor: Pepsi
Project Date: June 2012
Project Scope: Install 3/4" CO2 fill station lines

Project Summary: The customer needed to expand their CO2 system and contacted US Cryogenics.  We installed the fill stations and also completed some repairs on another part of the sytem that our technicians noticed during the primary scope of work.

Project Customer: Far West Steel - Vancouver, Washington
Project Contractor: Industrial Source
Project Date: March 2013
Project Scope: Install 160' of mainline and service drops

Project Summary: The customer needed to add approximately 160' of mainline to their new shop facility and required additional drops for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Natural Gas and add drop for Compressed Air not included in original contract work completed by a different piping contractor.

Project Customer: Sarepta - Corvallis, Oregon
Project Contractor: Airgas
Project Date: March 2013
Project Scope: Install nitrogren manifold

Project Summary: The customer needed to add a Western Enterprises LCHP-7-2 nitrogen change over manifold  and stainless steel piping.

Project Customer: Providence Home Service
Project Contractor: Providence Home Services
Project Date: 2012-2013
Project Scope: Ongoing cryogenic system maintenance and support

Project Summary: The customer uses US Cryogenics to troubleshoot and maintain its complex oxygen systems for both the stores and mobile systems.  Includes travel as necessary to the site location with the equipment, purchasing, fabricating and installing specialized oxygen equipment for their home health division.

Project Customer: Metro West Ambulance - Portland, Oregon
Project Contractor: Metro West Ambulance
Project Date: December 2012
Project Scope: Install new oxygen filling system

Project Summary: After a plant accident, the owners needed to update the oxygen fill system and were encouraged by the OSHA inspector to contact US Cryogenics.  We installed a new filling station for the ambulances and small tanks as well as put in quick connects for the entire 28 unit fleet.


Important Notes

  • One of the biggest obstacles to a successful Oxygen system installation is understanding that the entire system must be "Oxygen Clean".  Many of the jobs we do are to remove the original installation because of dirty parts. 
  • CO2 systems offer potential headaches, especially if they go to "Dry Ice".  see our FAQ's for ways to handle a dry ice situation.